Whitianga wharf


Whitianga, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. 1985.


conversation piece

Portobello girl

Portobello Road, London, 1984. This could be a prompt for all you short fiction writers suffering from the “block” right now.

What is the girl saying to her grandma (?) – aunt?, total stranger? Is she showing off the gap in her front teeth and complaining that the tooth fairy didn’t deliver (hence the wallet in grandma’s hand)? Maybe she got the roller skates instead of cash.

And what’s the dog’s name?

The city has a million stories. Start writing.
(You’re welcome).

Charlie Cheetah

Wellington Zoo, New Zealand, 2007

Charlie 1

This is (or was) Charlie at two or three years old. He should have been impressing me with the fact that he’d let me live to this point but all he really wanted to do was nap.

Charlie 2

Charlie 3

This is a yawn, not a snarl. “Another visitor encounter? How boring.”
Impressive set of teeth.

Sadly, Charlie died two years ago. That’s the downside of working in a zoo – the animals you care for every day don’t live forever.

But you can still have a cheetah encounter with Charlie’s successors, Canjo and Kunjuka. Book your ticket to make a big cat purr.